Brad Rosenberg is a 29 year old engineer/producer/songwriter from Norfolk, Virginia. In 1998, after attending The Recording Workshop, Brad began his career working as an intern at Windmark Recording Studios in Virginia Beach, VA. During his internship he was fortunate enough to work on fantastic projects with clients ranging from Bruce Hornsby to Dave Hollister. Brad always had the intention of opening his own facility in Norfolk, VA . He wanted his studio to be a very comfortable, relaxed, low-key facility where artists would feel at ease and be able to realize their full creative potential. In the summer of 1999, Brad began construction on what is now Clay Garden Studio. He has since had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of talented songwriters, bands, and artists from the Hampton Roads area, as well as international and major label clients. Brad is a skilled audio engineer, writer, performer, and producer. His work at Clay Garden has won the studio two Virginia Music Awards for Best Recording Studio. When he is not working at CGS, Brad can be found with with his wife, Jennifer and son, Cole or performing with his very own musical group - 1888.

Derek Smith, a native to the Tidewater area of Virginia, has been involved with music in some form or another since he was six years old, beginning with piano lessons and then picking up the guitar at age eleven. He records and performs as a solo singer/songwriter and as the lead singer and guitarist for the award-winning band Family Tree. Since his first live performance at Norfolk’s King’s Head Inn in 1992 at the age of 14, Derek Smith has performed, on his own and with his band, at many of the finest venues in the region. Having shared stages with numerous national and international acts, he has established notoriety among fans and coincidental patrons as a vibrant performer. After releasing many recordings over the years, mostly with Family Tree, Derek Smith released his first solo effort in the winter of 2006. This four-song EP showcases a more intimate side of Smith’s musical and lyrical spectrum and has been widely accepted by people of all ages and musical interests. The fall 2009 release of LIFESIZE, a full-length solo/acoustic album of all original material, gives listeners a chance to take home an accurate representation of what they may hear at one of Derek Smith’s live performances.